Innovation in Agriculture

From Our Community

Featuring local innovators and entrepreneurs.

There are many pioneers in our community that we'd like to shine light on in hopes to inspire future innovators in the agricultural industry. Innovation in agriculture is crucial to feed our growing population and sustain our resources for many years to come. 


Nova Scotia struggles to build and maintain sustainable businesses. The NS Sandboxes set out to solve this problem by investing in developing the individuals and encouraging collaboration to solve problems with sustainable solutions.


We are Cultiv8, Dal AC’s Sandbox, focusing on agricultural innovation, entrepreneurship and preparing students to be more competitive in the 21st century workforce. We’re so fortunate to have the opportunity to work with students of all levels who want to explore beyond the academic classroom and develop skills in creativity, collaboration and problem-solving.


The magic lies in the growth from the relationships and skills we build through stepping out of our comfort zones, overcoming vulnerability and working together. We'd like to share a little bit of this magic with you.

Follow the stories of innovators from Cultiv8, our community and their journeys for inspiration, overcoming obstacles and design thinking.