Below you'll see some of our students. These ambassadors of innovation spread the word of what Cultiv8 is doing through peer classroom visits and recruitment activities.  Meet them, get to know them, and discover some of their career interests.


Cultiv8 taught me to access the entire problem and to think about a solution from the eyes of the consumer to see their needs. It introduced me to an atmosphere of excitement and made me feel confident in my ability to change the world. Cultiv8 brought me confidence in presenting in front of a crowd. It`s ok to be silly and embrace the creative side even in business environment. Finally, Cultiv8 allowed me to expand my business knowledge beyond the classroom and apply some of the practical skills I had been learning in a real world environment. Cultiv8 also brought me many of my closest friends.


This summer, I am volunteering with Eqwiphubs in Lima, Peru. Eqwiphubs is a joint project between Youth Challenge International and Canada World Youth. I am working as a business support officer, helping at risk youth in Lima Norte access funding from global affairs Canada to start their own businesses.


I have written a blog post bout one experience here that stood our to be if you want to learn a bit more bout what I`m doing:


Also, here`s more info on what I am doing with Eqwiphubs and the work they do:

IFB Graduate 2019

Rachel Heron


Cultiv8 develops a mindset of "what if" in students, and made me a more focused and creative person both in the classroom and as a professional. Furthermore, Cultiv8 was a great way to collaborate with like-minded students, and was important in building my network!


I'll be pursuing a Master of Arts (Management) at the University of Guelph on a full-ride scholarship. I really enjoy research, getting to the root of the problem, and proposing solutions. I found Cultiv8 helped refine the problem-solving process for me, and ensured my solutions always kept the users at the forefront. My research will involve barriers and drivers to value chain principles, so I believe my experiences in Cultiv8 and human-centered design will come in very handy!

IFB Graduate 2019

Connor Fullerton

I found the interviewing skills to be very beneficial to my everyday interactions to learn more about the people around me and as well in a work environment as one of my jobs is to communicate with communities about their rural development plans.


I'm currently working for the Alberta Rural Development Network as the Community Development Coordinator (student position) and as well for the Agriculture and Food Council as a Program Assistant.

Agricultural Business Student

Conner Platten


I am currently on an internship at a wholesaler in Ontario. During my internship, I noticed that certain companies in the area are having problems attracting customers and are having trouble financially. Looking at these companies, I used skills that I gained during Cultiv8 to see where their problems exist and which companies we should or shouldn't deal with. In my future, I will be able to assess these companies based on the components of the lean canvas, recognize personas, do market research, conduct effective interviews and develop a product or business based on customer demand.

IFB student

Marissa Groenstege


I'm currently still in Truro, moving into my fourth year of my BSc in Bioveterinary Science. The skills I gained from Cultiv8 were improving on my communication skills, organizational skills, team building and also the ability to look at things in a different light--analogous inspiration!

Bioveterinary Science Student

Caitlin Chambers

I’m currently working on my M.Sc., working with Cultiv8 to get a transit system in place in Truro and acting as VP Internal for DAAGS (Dalhousie Agricultural Association of Graduate Students).


Persona development and interviewing skills were key skills I practiced and enhanced at Cultiv8.  These tools will help me create tailor-made solutions because I can better understand the problems of the people I’m designing. Interviewing will also help me better understand the needs of graduate students during my role as VP Internal.

Eng. Masters Student

Patrick Henessey