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Roots Of An Entrepreneur

Featuring Yannick Laplante

Cultiv8 student, Yannick Laplante, at his summer internship on Abundant Acres Farm.

"My plan is to get as much exposure as possible with current ways of farming.  I want to tie up what I have learned in school/books with what is practical in the field (literally!).  Obviously, plant sciences classes have contributed greatly in my biology knowledge to understand how the weather and other external conditions impacts crop growth.  With Cultiv8, I have learn a ton on how to shape my mind to approach business problem on the farm, i.e. how will I implement myself within the community to deliver a product/service needed by my community.  By being logical about it, I will minimize the chances of making bad decisions and wasting time/money.  Specifically, cultiv8 gave me the tools to conduct proper train of thoughts to develop my "OPENNING DAY" idea that will be attractive to Pomquet.

Volunteering on the farm opened my eyes on how exciting and demanding my next career will be.  Before that, I had an "idealistic" view of what farming is, a romantic idea if you will!  Now I know a bit more on what to expect, how I want to run my operation and what is worth doing (and what not).  For example, I didn't believe in owning a tractor prior to moving compost with a front bucket!!  Let me tell you that I will DEFINITELY have a tractor now!  The time saver was underestimated...

Cultiv8 this year will be a good opportunity for me to perfect my skills a little bit more and continue to plan the business." -- Yannick Laplante