Cultiv8 Sandbox Discover Program 

Learn a creative approach to problem solving which will enable you to have innovative and industry changing impacts on your world 

Program Model 

Human - Centred Design (HCD)


A creative approach to problem solving which starts with people you design for and ends with tailor made solutions for their needs.


HCD sets the stage for innovation, whether you work for a company, or own a company. 


Program Topics


Information gathering

Getting smart on your challenge 

Customer empathy 


Putting it all together

Idea generating 



Communicating your solutions 

Incorporating feedback ​

Skills Developed

  • HCD basics 

  • Team building 

  • Creative problem solving 

  • Interviewing 

  • Surveying 

  • Persona development 

  • Exploring cause & effect 

  • Analogous Inspiration

  • Extreme users  

  • Communicating to stakeholders 



  • Co-Curricular record 

  • Scholarship opportunities 

  • Reference letter 

  • Supper every session 

  • SWAG (Stuff we all get)

  • A chance to go to the provincial Bootcamp


7 Sessions 

  • Runs every Tuesday 4:30 pm 

  • Last 2.5 to 4 hrs 

  • Jan 22nd - Mar 5th 

1 Weekend Design Challenge

  • Mar 22 - 24th 

  • Expenses paid  



  • Team building activities 

  • Quick skills hacks 

  • Deep learning session 

  • Micro challenge to cement the learning

  • Supper